Internal communications: From misconceptions to behaviour change

Changing someone’s behaviour is one of the most challenging issues in our field. Certainly when it concerns a sensitive subject like vaccination. This is precisely the challenge that the Maasstad Hospital asked us to help with. It’s extremely important that health care personnel get vaccinated against flu. In this way, employees stay healthy and protect vulnerable patients, not to mention their own families, against the flu virus.

As lead agency, Campagne was asked to develop a video, as part of an existing internal communications campaign, that would encourage health care personnel at the Maasstad Hospital to get the flu jab.

Video concept: ‘Fact or fiction’

To spur people to change behaviour like this, it’s highly important to first understand why this behaviour still exists. That’s why we held various discussions with employees in order to understand their reasons for not getting vaccinated. It turned out that people had a few misconceptions about the issue. These included: ‘I haven’t been vaccinated and I still haven’t got sick.’ and ‘You can actually get flu from the flu jab.’

As well as these opinions, people found the subject extremely fraught and thought the previous communication was pedantic. These insights resulted in the video concept ‘Fact or fiction’. This internal communication video, made by and for Maasstad Hospital employees, deals with facts and misconceptions about the flu jab in order to overcome any objections to the vaccination. The result? From 21% of employees vaccinated in 2018 to 40% in 2019.

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