How attention works
for your brand.

Ingenious thinking, decisive action.
Attention is great, but what can you guys actually do for our brand or organisation? Good question, admirably practical. Look, for us attention is the thread that runs through everything and as a result, the methodology that's central to (almost) every brand or communication issue. If you want to communicate effectively, you need your target audience's attention. But before you can grab it, you first have to pay attention to what you want to say, to whom, where and why...

Okay, before we get distracted and lose focus, let's get back to the question: What is it that we actually do?

Positioning & strategy

Before you can communicate effectively, you need to know what your brand stands for, how it talks and how you can reach and touch your target audience.
Brand positioning & identity
Strategy for communication, online marketing, social media, video, content and media
Corporate story & identity

Campaigns & creative messaging

Effective communication with relevant content, campaigns that touch the target audience.
Campaigning & events
Copy & art direction
Content creation & production
Video production
UX design & development

Marketing & management

Everything depends on the goal and the result. To use a cliché: Looking back in order to move forward. But it's mainly about the (online) interaction with the target audience. The conversation starts when the campaign goes live.
Online marketing
Data analysis
Community management
Social media management

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