Everything begins
with attention.

Genuine attention makes the difference.
Attention is part of our DNA. As hybrid professionals and smart go-getters, we work in a thoughtful way and develop effective and creative communication. By paying attention both internally and externally, we can collaborate even more decisively with our clients and each other. Attention is our key differentiator but it doesn't exist without our other two core values: thoughtful and decisive.

We live and breathe attention. We know what trends are current and make them accessible. We are genuinely interested in the craziest hypes. And we're extremely involved with our clients (almost excessively).
Ultimately it's all about the result, of course. That's why we set to work in a considered way. We find the smartest options and the right strategy, and the best media and mix of resources for effective communication.
You could almost call it a Rotterdam characteristic. Thinking clearly and going for it. Pushing boundaries where possible, proactively client-driven. We can shake things up and (figuratively) kick them about. Always with a sound reason, of course.

Learning creatively is how we work

Research and strategy
You have to understand the essence of the product, company or market. That's why we research the playing field in which the brand operates.
Concept and creation
We translate the brand positioning and communication strategy into campaigns and creative messaging that reach and touch the target audience.
Content and distribution
In order to reach the target audience, content is king. But his majesty will get nowhere without the right distribution of resources that the brand uses to talk to people.
Learning and result
Ultimately, you want to motivate, inform or inspire the target audience. The result is what it's all about. We test and evaluate the work in order to learn and communicate even more effectively.

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Marieke Brekelmans
Senior Account Manager
Marieke Verloop
Project Manager
Bart van Wageningen
Creative Director
Fleur van Buuren
Project Manager
Vincent Loopstra
Eva van der Hart
Account Director
Stephan Butter
Marc van Bakel
Tessa de Jong
Project Manager
Anne Pijnenburg
Creative designer
Marloes Kalsbeek
Client Service Director
Judith Prins
Traffic Manager
Lotte Reissenweber
Content Creator
Coen Markus
Multimedia Designer
Annelein Emmen
Project Manager
André van der Meer

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