BMW driving experience

An optimal process with a clear customer journey

BMW Driving Experience is the skid school in Zandvoort. From fully catered events for groups and companies to training for novice drivers, BMW Driving Experience is all about pure driving fun.

More efficient and client friendly

All events, courses and driver training are scheduled, taking into account the number of people, the desired time slot, the difficulty of the track and the various cars. It’s a complex process involving the necessary human resources since a great many factors can constantly change. Previously, both individual and commercial clients had to call to schedule a course or driver training. The invoice was compiled and paid, and the day before the training, the client received a reminder e-mail with the most important information. Campagne was asked to develop a more efficient and client-friendly process.

A revised website and automated planning

After various meetings in which the elements of the experience were discussed, including every possible use of the track, combinations of courses, use of cars and lunch options, we mapped out the customer journey. Based on this, we went to work and produced a completely revised website and an automated planning system.

All training and courses are now booked directly. This takes into account all important conditions, from the track to the car. The complete follow-up to a booking is now largely automated, including booking, invoicing, confirmation, internal planning and daily schedule. The result is an enhanced process with a considerable saving in time. Today, an average of 400 bookings per month are automatically processed and clients can now book 24/7.

To reinforce the new website and customer journey, new photo and video material was developed. A day’s skidding and sliding resulted in exciting content that perfectly captured the dynamics of an event.

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