What to say, who to talk to, and when to speak

Whilst currently experiencing the COVID-19 situation, we often get reminded of how well (or poorly) we are prepared for this type of crisis. Unlike an economic crisis, this one isn’t directed towards a company or an industry; it’s a health crisis, targeting people all around the world. COVID-19 forces people to change their lifestyle, adjust to working from home, and reevaluate their needs. It’s important for brands to let their audience know (by strong communication) that you understand these difficulties and are here to help and support wherever you can.

The negative press and impact on reputation that brands can acquire through the COVID-19 situation includes problems that may occur if the company takes the wrong approach. So, brands must focus on user centric actions. This way they will be able to seize the opportunity of finding solutions that facilitate the fragile context where people find themselves at present.

The guide

As an alliance of over 50 independent marketing agencies, AMIN wants to help reduce any negative business impact of the COVID-19 situation, while presenting a guideline of what to say, when to speak, and who to talk to. This guideline consists of varied questions that will help your company manage communication challenges during a (health) crisis a little better, by taking the COVID-19 circumstance as an example. To help you understand what you should or shouldn’t do we present you with a flowchart of all the questions and answers you need to know before you start communicating. After this, we have a breakdown of each question so that you can be as informed as possible.

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