Svensson client intimacy through telen&trends

If you’re a big, leading player in the market, how do you safeguard your personal relationship with your clients? Customer intimacy is nothing more than a genuine client focus through closeness to the customer. In 2012, we launched telen&trends for Svensson Nederland. It’s an independent platform with relevant content for the greenhouse horticulture sector. As a result, we positioned Svensson not only as a climate screen supplier, but also as a climate specialist and thought leader in the industry. In recent years, telen&trends has grown into a fully-fledged platform.

Independent content

Through the telen&trends platform, Svensson takes a different approach to inspire growers. Trade magazines in the greenhouse horticulture sector mainly contain product-focused content and technical information. With telen&trends, Svensson highlights subjects from different, surprising angles to make growers think and inspire them. This makes them a distinctive and striking trendsetter in the field. 80% of the articles are independent content, such as trends and developments in greenhouse horticulture. The remaining content relates to Svensson.

Offline and online communication

The telen&trends platform consists of three communication channels: a magazine, events and online (website and social media; LinkedIn and Facebook). Greenhouse horticulture is a fairly traditional sector when it comes to marketing and communication. Offline media are still doing well. That’s what we hear from the sector, and our market research shows that the magazine, with a circulation of 7,000, is still eagerly read. At the same time, with more and more younger people in the sector, online media are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why we’ve devoted more attention to online content since 2018. In this way, we can respond better to developments in the sector. Since 2020, we’ve produced significantly more in-depth online content and only publish the magazine once a year instead of twice a year. Until now, the spread of online content and communication channels has only been organic. This month, we’re starting paid media via LinkedIn to expand our growing online community and further engage people.

Engagement and networking through events

For years, Svensson Nederland’s events have been very successful and well known in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Whereas we used to focus mainly on informing and inspiring visitors, in recent years we’ve primarily concentrated on engagement and networking. In the early years of telen&trends, we organised large events at impressive venues like the Van Nelle Fabriek and the Floating Pavilion, and well-known speakers like AndrĂ© Kuipers and Stephan Petermann. In recent years, we’ve consciously opted for a more intimate and personal setting close to home, with some 80 to 100 people coming together to network and share knowledge. This approach fits Svensson’s current positioning and strategy: customer intimacy.

telen&trends fits who we really are: a committed partner for our customers. It's not some show where people think "What's this got to do with me?", but a personal, intimate approach.
Clarinda Gros, Communication Manager, Svensson

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