Ready for the future with Scenario 2021

It was ‘a mighty good day’, if we can say so ourselves. What? The online event Scenario 2021, where we were inspired by keynote speakers and sparred with ourAMIN colleagues all over the world. We talked about the future of marketing and communication, branding, content and voice. About trends and developments that we could and would have to deal with in 2021. In a time when a great deal was impossible because of COVID-19 measures, we focus on whatpossible. For example, how we can meet and inspire each other with an online event. And how companies can grow by using smart marketing tools. 

Keynote speaker Vincent van Zon inspired us to look further and to use art to motivate our target group. Jesse van Dorengave us a glimpse into the future with the power of voice, predictive analysis and automation. And René Boender inspired us with his EEC in the 3-12-E, the TOBP and an updated KISS to finish it off. JFDI! A typical case of ‘you had to be there’.  

During Scenario 2021, together with our AMIN colleagues throughout the world, we looked ahead and discussed the future in order to learn from each other and move forward together. We are happy to share the highpoints and learnings from Scenario 2021 with you so that you too are ready for 2021. 

All this is possible …  


  1. Using art to inspire and activate your target group  

If we have the choice and it isn’t absolutely necessary to go out, we prefer to stay at home. To help the world get rid of COVID-19, but also because we, as consumers, are spoiled. If you want to attract your target group, you have to be creative. That’s what Vincent van Zon states. He’s a creative entrepreneur in Rotterdam who’s been part of the art world since the 1990s and is joint owner of Mothership. He encourages the corporate world to use art more frequently to inspire and activate their audiences. He uses the Markthal in Rotterdam as a good example amongst others. By incorporating art, the Markthal is much more than a standard residential and shopping building. A visit to the Markthal is an experience. A more recent example is the Rotterdam Light Festival, a project organised by Mothership for the Municipality of Rotterdam to encourage people during the covidcrisis. 

  1. Rapid growth through smart online marketing 

And by ‘smart’ we mean ‘data-driven’. Since meeting offline is not an option, we meet onlinegiving us possibilities to gather even more data from our target group. It’s valuable input that we can cleverly use to better align our marketing. With more detailed customer profiles, you can better target your audience. And the better you map out the customer journey, the more efficiently you can use your marketing automation. 

  1. Using voice as part of marketing automation 

Did you know that both Google and Amazon have 10,000 people developing voice applications? Thanks to new software and technology, voice has become part of marketing automation faster than people expected. Examples include smart software that allows a microphone to automatically distinguish between different people talking at the same time. Trendwatcher Jesse van Doren predicts gigantic growth and impact through voice applications. According to him, the use of voice isn’t a hype, but a serious development that innovative entrepreneurs can’t ignore. At the moment, we’re mainly familiar with voice-activated consumer products like Google Assistant. Jesse predicts that voice will become an even more important tool in the marketing world. Your own ‘voice branding’ is therefore essential. Things to think about: How does your brand sound? How can you use voice as a marketing tool? 

  1. Experimenting with AI

Artificial intelligence is the future, that’s nothing new. But who is actually using AI now? 2021 is the year to move from thinking to doing when it comes to AI or machine learning. How can AI work for your brand? Make a start, talk with thought leaders, experiment and discover how you can accelerate and improve automatic processes with AI. DO IT!  

  1. Investingin the right skill set  

New trends and innovative developments do not only influence your product or service and communication strategy, but also your business operations and organisation. Is your organisation ready for the future? And what’s your marketing department like: Do you have the right skills in house to start using new applications like AI and voice? Invest in the right expertise, software and collaboration partner so you’re (once again) ready for the future.  

  1. Call tracking

Many companies measure their online conversions, but have no insight into telephone conversions. With call tracking you can increase the number of conversions and grow your sales by gaining insight into all telephone conversions per traffic source or campaign. How does it work? Somebody visits your website via Google Ads, for example, and sees a unique telephone number. The customer makes contact using the number and the call is automatically registered as a conversion.  

  1. Organising an online event 

The last item and no-brainer on this list of possible things is organising an online event. Just like Campagne did with Scenario 2021. Why wait until we can gather in large groups and the stock exchange is open again when you can organise a digital event? And even if the world returns to ‘normal’ soon, we’ll have to wait and see if events are once again ‘business as usual’. Will companies still want to invest thousands of euros in a trade fair stand mainly because the competition is there as well? Or travel across the world to visit the trade fair of the year and then have a beer at a local bar with the same faces (who were also on the plane)? In 2020, online events have quickly established themselves and it’s inconceivable to think of a future without them. It’s not a question of whether you as a company should organise an online event but when.  

Have you been inspired? We have 10 essential tips for you!  

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