60,000 truck drivers reached in one day

Truck drivers work very hard and help keep the Netherlands running. Without transport and logistics, there are no packages, no supplies, no progress. That’s why it was high time to change the sector’s negative image, to increase appreciation for all our hard-working drivers and to (finally) celebrate them with Truck Drivers Day 2019.

Sector Institute Transport and Logistics (STL) is responsible for the inflow and long-term employment of skilled people in the sector. As lead agency, Campagne not only developed the strategy, concept and resources, but also guided the various PR and promotion agencies involved.

A compliment lasts longer than a one-off material

The concept

Truck Drivers Day is new annual event in the transport and logistics sector. At the busiest time of year, right after Sinterklaas and before Christmas, together we thank every truck driver. Wonderful initiatives sprung up everywhere: on the road, in the warehouse, online, in the canteen and at the petrol pump. Over 1,700 companies downloaded the toolkit to decorate premises, free meatballs were handed out (for lunch) at petrol stations, and gigantic promotion billboards about the sector were displayed throughout the country.

De resultaten

website visitors within 10 months
toolkit downloads
website visitors within 10 months
€ 700.000
worth of free publicity
“We have seen so many great messages and fantastic initiatives, it's completely exceeded our expectations. Here's to Truck Drivers Day 2020!"
Sector Institute Transport and Logistics


  • Media value generated by all articles, radio broadcasts, posts and free publicity was nearly €700,000 (Source: NewsLab)
  • More than 300 registered participating companies (Source: STL)
  • Nearly 200,000 website visitors (https://dagvandevrachtwagenchauffeur.nl/)
  • Over 4,000,000 contact moments with the out-of-home campaign
  • Over 1,700 downloads of the toolkit with which employers could produce materials themselves
  • About 60,000 truck drivers reached in one day in the Netherlands!
  • Trending topic on Twitter #5 on 12 December
  • Radio and TV coverage (selection of stills)

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