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National Climate Week

For the second consecutive year, in collaboration with Bijl PR, we organized the National Climate Week on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. An annual recurring thematic week aimed at inspiring and motivating the Netherlands to contribute to a better climate. But how do you ensure that everyone in the Netherlands is informed and participates? In the first edition, we focused on awareness and visibility. In 2022, two important goals were added: stimulate motivation and action.



Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate


National Climate Week





Central to all communication was the idea that you contribute to a better climate not only through substantial changes or by placing the responsibility solely on local governments, businesses, and other organizations. By taking small steps with the entire country, we will make a big difference together! Additionally, we emphasized the relevance of the topic: emitting less CO2 and responsible energy management. This is not only to achieve climate goals but also considering the high energy prices.

Climate Mayors
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We showcased the initiatives of Climate Mayors (our 245 local heroes): green ambassadors who inspire their communities. With a coordinated PR approach, we brought their stories and initiatives to the attention of local, regional and national media.


Climate Mayor Fons Jansen

Climate Supporters
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Not only were personal initiatives showcased, but also the efforts of companies and organizations took the central stage. A total of 167 Climate Supporters signed up to make the Netherlands more sustainable together. In a video, we tracked the progress of entrepreneurs and businesses dedicated to a better climate. The theme videos conclude with concrete actions that similar companies could implement.

Klimaatsupporters afbeelding_Retina

Climate Supporters video


Social approach

We devised suitable formats that we could share with the broad target audience. All social resources were then categorized into Hero, Hub and Help content. Hero content, comprising larger productions that capture attention; Hub content, entertaining content that our followers actively seek out and share with their friends; and Help content, informative and always-on, showcasing what actions Dutch citizens already take for improving the climate.

Forever '21
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In 2022, the National Climate Week had its own presence on social media. We established dedicated social media channels for the National Climate Week 2022. Using relevant posts, videos and events from the inaugural edition in 2021, we inspired the audience and kickstarted the National Climate Week 2022.


That’s Right, Isn’t It?
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We utilized our channels to dismantle preconceptions surrounding climate-related topics: by having questions answered by an expert in a dialogue format, we challenged statements.

Do More for Less
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A segment that provides direct actions based on the premise: what more can you do to emit less CO2? From sustainable events to useful apps/websites and other initiatives: these are actions that the audience can take immediately.


Climate Week Live
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Back from being gone and always up-to-date: Climate Week Live. During this National Climate Week, we shared initiatives, events and actions related to the National Climate Week to provide a diverse overview of everything happening during the week. Live video coverage fosters interaction with sustainable initiators and encourages the audience to participate, from sharing content to engaging in green initiatives and activities. And it succeeded with a social media reach of 105 million, the National Climate Week was once again a hot topic this year!

Green coloured sticky notes
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Green is the new gold, even for businesses. We emphasized this through sustainable no-brainers. The well-known go-to green tips in a short yet impactful format. By using business jargon, we communicated in a light-hearted way about all the solutions that HR and sustainable managers can immediately apply.


Aftermovie NKW 2022


The collaboration with Bijl PR, along with our expertise and experiences, contributed to making this National Climate Week a tremendous success. Following a successful online launch event featuring Rob Jetten, we prominently highlighted the National Climate Week through various channels such as social media, online advertising, radio and a nationwide advertisement. Through these efforts, we inspired, motivated, and activated the Netherlands, achieving remarkable results.

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