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Campagne meets COMON

Learnings from Lisbon: inspiration from strategists and creatives from other countries

Last week it was time for Campagne Meets! Our annual trip to agencies in our AMIN network to get to know them better. What’s more, it’s a perfect chance to get inspiration from strategists and creatives from other countries. This year, we visited comOn in Lisbon!

Global insights, local know-how

Campagne is part of the Advertising & Marketing Independent Network, AMIN. This is a partnership of 50 agencies in 30 countries. An international network of independent creative agencies who provide their clients with local knowledge and creativity. Because each agency operates independently and the management is the point of contact, AMIN agencies offer more flexibility than big advertising multinationals. Global insight combined with local know-how. That’s what AMIN stand for.

Empathic ideas that build brands and grow business: comOn

Since it was founded in 2001, ComOn has evolved from being a technical company to become Portugal’s biggest independent marketing agency. A diverse team using empathy and technology to create better products, services and experiences for people.

With their technical background, they believe having a process leads to the best problem solving. They call this integrated and empathic approach user marketing: a combination of strategy, creativity and technology.

There lots of shoes hanging in comOn’s office by the way. Employees’ sneakers, boxes from clients and espadrilles from business contacts. There are orange clogs from Campagne as well of course! But their sense of empathy is at the heart of this too: ‘You have to walk a mile in a person’s shoes before you can understand his or her story’. You can only help your clients and colleagues to be successful when you understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

Best cases: No labels

The visit included a presentation and exchange of best cases. A particularly memorable comOn project was the campaign for the Queer Festival x Musa. This is an international art and film festival with LGBT+ as the subject. Musa, the most important artisan brewery in Lisbon, supported the festival and wanted to show it an unusual way. Together with Musa, comOn developed the official beer for the festival. It had a unique label that wiped off with your finger. Labels don’t belong at an inclusive party. Take a look at the case here:

Best cases:

Our contribution to the exchange of knowledge and skills took the form of three presentations. Amongst other things, they covered the future of our company and our way of working, but we also presented a case: For the Sector Institute Transport and Logistics, we recently sought and found 3,200 drivers within a year! An extraordinary achievement for an industry that has to compete with sectors like the armed forces for personnel and new blood, constantly struggles with a shortage of human resources and isn’t the sexiest of industries. Would you like to know more about this case? Contact:

Getting to know each other in Lisbon

The aim of Campagne Meets! is always to strengthen our links with other AMIN agencies. In this way, international partnership becomes a part of our daily activities more easily and we can help clients with cross-border campaigns. But these trips also ensure that we get to know each other better. Within a few days, our new colleagues (Hello Laura, Glenn and Senta), became more familiar with everyone at Campagne, and that can only benefit the atmosphere at work.

We’re looking forward to the next Campagne Meets! In the meantime, if you have questions, comments about this page or another challenge for us, please get in touch via:


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