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STL - Truckdrivers wanted

Dream job for 3,100 people

The transport and logistics sector is looking for people! But there’s a huge shortage in the employment market and the sector is struggling with a negative image. Sector Institute Transport and Logistics (STL) is responsible for the inflow and long-term employment of skilled people in the sector and came to us with the following request: Develop a campaign through which we can recruit at least 1,500 new truck drivers in 2018.

Campagne developed the strategy, concept and resources for this long-term campaign.

52% of working people are open to a new job, 8% of them actually dare to take that step.

The concept

You can always find reasons not to take the next step: too little relevant experience is often an important factor. If you want to do what you enjoy, make it your job! Together with STL we went in search of potential drivers with life and work experience and a healthy dose of motivation. Experience in the sector was less important. The campaign focused on people currently working in other sectors, with a secondary vocational education diploma, who were between 25 – 50 years old. People who no longer enjoyed their work and wanted to do something else.

The results

drivers within 3 months
new drivers in a year
website visits during the campaign period
well-attended ‘I'm becoming a truck driver' events throughout the Netherlands
“Thanks in part to the campaign, over 3,100 candidates have made their dream come true. A new job, a new passion and going to work with a smile. That's why we do it!”
Marjan Krassenburg – Communication Advisor STL


  • Goal: 1,500 new drivers in 2018
  • June 2018: 1,500 drivers recruited
  • Revised goal: 3,000 new drivers in 2018
  • December 2018: 3,100 new truck drivers recruited
  • 75,000 visits to the website between March and December 2018
  • 45 well-attended ‘I’m becoming a truck driver’ events throughout the Netherlands

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