Dare2Be1: an event that connected 800 employees from 7 banks

In January 2019,  Rabobank merged seven local banks to form a single group with the name ‘South Holland Group’. This merger ensures that knowledge and expertise is combined as optimally as possible so that customer service is even better, both now and in the future.

To give this merger a rousing jump-start, a joint kick-off took place: an event to celebrate the merger and get to know one another better. An evening filled with challenging breakout sessions, a warming-up, inspiring speakers, great food and drink, and a spectacular laser show to finish. Campagne organised the event for 800 employees from seven local Rabobanks. From concept and (on-site) organisation to the production of the after movie.

The concept

One of the biggest challenges in a change process is getting all employees to move in the same direction. This certainly applies to the merger of seven banks, with a total of some 30 offices and over 800 colleagues. That’s partly why it was decided to keep the change small. It had to be tangible and at a personal level. Focusing on both the employee and internal cooperation formed the basis for transforming separate branches into one strong regional bank. As a result, the theme of the event was having the courage and audacity to be a single entity together: Dare2be1!


The first step was the creation of an extensive manual. That was followed by development of the communication materials, like signage at the venue, printed invitations, e-mails, a registration page and the after movie.

To ensure the breakout sessions were the best possible fit for employee characteristics, a short questionnaire was compiled. This was completed during the registration process. Based on the responses, employees were divided into different workshops and groups, so that the programme was properly aligned with their personal interests. The aim was to encourage cooperation and connection.

“Thanks to Dare2be1, many colleagues have got to know each other better and we have been inspired to get the best out of ourselves together, with familiar and unfamiliar colleagues.”
Rabobank South Holland Group

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