Content strategy

Brand DNA as starting point for personal and effective content

ProMobility is a brand-independent car leasing company in the Zaanstreek and Voorne-Putten regions. It’s not a low-cost player with lease calculators, automatic calculation tools and an options menu on the phone. Quite the opposite. ProMobility stands out through its personal approach and exceptionally high level of service in response to the poor experiences people and organisations have had with other commercial leasing companies. With these core values as a starting point, we determined ProMobility’s positioning and developed a content strategy that expressed the key message: ‘Good for each other’.

ProMobility’s mission is crystal clear: carefree customers. From final decision maker to fleet manager and driver, they have absolute faith in ProMobility’s service. Our research showed that many clients switch lease companies if they’re not satisfied with the level of service. We also discovered that the quality of a lease company only becomes really clear when there’s something wrong with the car or the contract. That’s when, as a lease company, you have to be ready to solve the problem. And that’s precisely ProMobility’s strength; personal communication and a suitable solution.

The power of content

Because of its personal approach, ProMobility knows its clients through and through, the team knows what’s happening with them and what their needs are. As a result, ProMobility can respond quickly, both in closing a new lease contract or dealing with a claim. Personal, genuine and client-focused are also the most important starting points for ProMobility’s content strategy. To reinforce these strengths, the content only focuses on real people with real stories and needs.

We base the content we create on pillars. We label, so to speak, all articles, videos and social media posts. As a result, there’s a clear line in our strategy and we measure what works. We have close, personal contact with the ProMobility team which makes it easy to respond to actualities. The team’s input is invaluable for creating content. After all, they’re the heart of the organisation. Every six weeks, we sit around the table together to analyse existing content and plan new content.

The aim of the content strategy is firstly online branding and awareness. The approach is noticeable and appreciated by the right target audiences in both regions. This helps create an opening for an initial conversation.

Not just a tagline, it's the DNA

ProMobility not only takes a personal approach in a commercial sense, it’s also socially involved in local initiatives focused on the Zaanstreek and Voorne-Putten regions. This is terrific proof that underlines the key message ‘Good for each other’ and gives it more credibility. ‘Good for each other’ is more than just a tagline, it’s ProMobility’s DNA. And that’s what we capture in the content.

It's clever how Campagne manages to translate our wishes and ideas into concrete plans that seamlessly fit what ProMobility wants to communicate.
Marc Noyons - Managing Director, ProMobility

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