Allison Transmission

American player Allison enters the European market

Even if you’re the market leader in America, you don’t just launch an American brand and an American marketing and communication strategy in Europe. It requires a different brand strategy and identity. That’s why Allison Transmission approached us in 2012. Together with our fellow AMIN agency, CVR, in Indianapolis, we developed the branding and repositioned Allison Transmission in the global market, in order to establish them as the leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions, even outside America.

Market research as starting point

With a market share of over 90%, Allison Transmission had limited growth potential in the US. As a result, they decided to focus more on markets outside the US. They would do this within their own market segment of course: fully automatic transmissions for trucks and buses requiring considerable power and starting speed. Sectors include the fire service, refuse collection, defence, distribution, mining and construction.

We used market research to assess Allison Transmission’s brand reputation in Europe and test its image. It quickly became clear that the branding was too American for the European market, and for every market outside the US, in fact.

Repositioning for a new market

We developed a ‘more European’ brand identity and strategy for Allison Transmission, with new branding and positioning in order to achieve a better and wider introduction of the brand. We translated this repositioning into a new marketing and communication strategy to appeal mainly to the European market. We created a visual identity, with new photography and video material. We also developed various above and below-the-line communication tools, from social media content to ads and events.

Strategic partner

In 2014, we successfully rolled out the repositioning of Allison Transmission’s global branding. The company’s market share in Europe grew and continues to increase. Since then, as a Rotterdam communication agency and strategic partner, we have adapted Allison Transmission’s American concepts to the European market. We continue to do this with our fellow advertising agency CVR. As a result, we not only bring Allison Transmission to Europe, we reinforce its international image in general. Increasingly, the European way of thinking is reflected in Allison Transmission’s marketing and communication strategy, even in the US!

The power of AMIN

The way we were able to help a client like Allison Transmission is a great example of the successful partnership within the AMIN network. By working closely together, with mutual trust, we are able to provide good service to a global listed market leader. Every week, we discuss all marketing and communication activities with CVR. In this way, we keep each other on our toes, monitor each other for quality, and are able to respond to developments quickly. Currently, ‘the transition to electric’ is often the subject under discussion. It’s an interesting market for Allison Transmission since electric motors often need a specific transmission. As a strategic communication agency, we are closely involved in the internal developments at Allison Transmission, including those related to products, and we are in the starting blocks, ready to develop the marketing and communication for this.

Wil je meer weten over deze case of heb je zelf een project waarover je wilt praten?

Wil je meer weten over deze case of heb je zelf een project waarover je wilt praten?

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