Christmas movie
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Have a Scroogey Christmas!

There are a number of things we won’t miss this Christmas: ugly Christmas sweaters, the awkward conversation with that one peculiar uncle or your mother-in-law’s shrimp cocktail. But after such a challenging year, how will we survive without intimate and memorable moments with family and friends?

Someone who would have had the time of his life this Christmas is the old and bitter Ebenezer Scrooge, protagonist of the classic tale ‘A Christmas Carol’. At the beginning of the story, he despises the Christmas spirit but, at the end, Scrooge changes his life and once again becomes the generous and kind man he used to be.

Together with our new video label AfterImage Productions, we have created a sequel to this Christmas story. In ‘A Campagne Christmas Carol: 2020’, our Scrooge explores creative ways to celebrate Christmas. Scrooge’s approach is unique and inventive, but does he also succeed in making it a memorable and enjoyable holiday season?

The year 2020 has been a year of perseverance, so 2021 will hopefully be a bit more business as usual. Be creative and make it an unforgettable and intimate holiday season. We’re looking forward to 2021!

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

Kind regards,
Campagne Team

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