7 hospitals. 1 ambition. 1 online platform

Santeon is a partnership of seven leading hospitals. Together they work to achieve better health care in the Netherlands by learning from each other and sharing results, so they can continuously innovate and improve. Santeon had several websites and sub-websites online. They were all separate from one another, as a result of which there was insufficient use of Santeon’s synergistic strength by visitors and search engines. What’s more, target audiences were fragmented and it wasn’t clear to visitors what Santeon did exactly. This needed to change, and that’s why they invited pitches for the development of a new website, a new online platform.

Objectives, target audiences and approach

After winning the pitch, we organised a number of interactive sessions to gain more insight into the various target audiences and their needs. Santeon focuses on three target groups: health care consumers, stakeholders and health care professionals. The aim of the new website quickly became clear: Position Santeon as a thought leader in the field of value-driven health care in the Netherlands.

The approach we took to achieve this goal expressly focused on meeting the needs of these three target groups with a single online platform. We give visitors insight into the Santeon’s results and vision and inform them of the unique partnership and the proven quality of Santeon hospitals. We direct health care consumers to the website of one of the affiliated hospitals or we navigate to one of the underlying pages about treatments and results. We offer stakeholders in-depth information about the organisation and set-up of Santeon. Potential employees can quickly find current vacancies.

No matter what type of visitor you are, the clear navigation and content structure enable you to quickly find the information you’re looking for. By combining the various existing websites into one new platform, we are increasing Santeon’s authority and findability.

Design and content

This strategy is also reflected in the website’s design and content. The style is colourful and fresh, with unique photography that clearly shows the partnership between the hospitals. The various target audiences are also represented. The copy’s tone of voice is to the point, concrete and understandable. A great many icons and illustrations are used to communicate various messages and data as clearly as possible, in a recognisable style of course.

Santeon has set itself the goal of improving health care in the Netherlands. The health care results of the seven affiliated hospitals and the improvements in various diseases are published openly, which is unique in the Netherlands. As a result, patients, together with their doctors, can make better choices concerning treatment or hospital. To communicate this information as clearly as possible, we developed various infographics together with the client. The website already has infographics about breast cancer and CVA and many more will follow in the coming years. In this way, we are helping Santeon to lead the way in improving health care.

With the updated website, we, as Santeon hospitals, are taking the next step in making health care outcomes transparent. We are pleased with the results and continue to further develop our online strategy. Campagne's expertise in this is more than welcome!
Marloes de Wit, Senior Advisor Corporate Communication, Santeon

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