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010 on the way to Tokyo

Rotterdam Topsport supports major sports societies, athletes and talents, and helps to attract sports events to the city. What’s more, Rotterdam Topsport connects and inspires local companies. Campagne is a major partner, helping this social organisation with its positioning and acting as a strategic partner in all communication issues. As a result, we are closely involved in the development and implementation of a sponsorship campaign which is raising support for 50 leading Rotterdam athletes and highlighting their journey to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Rotterdam has 50 leading athletes who have a real chance at the Olympic Games. Too few people know about them. Increasing their visibility produces cooperation.

The concept

Rotterdam offers the ultimate environment for major sports. It has the finest training facilities, a no-nonsense attitude, support from the municipality, and proud inhabitants and companies with a soft spot for major sports. No wonder 50 potential Rotterdam Olympians are pursuing their dream and doing their utmost to prepare for the ultimate challenge.

Through this personal campaign we are connecting athletes with the target audience on municipal ground: the city is everyone’s home base, source of inspiration and weight room. Rotterdam is home ground!

The concept is also based on three key elements: raising the profile of the athletes and their sports. Presenting the athletes’ ‘road to Tokyo’ (and beyond) and promoting the link to Rotterdam and the athlete’s connection to the city or neighbourhood.

The campaign is divided into three phases:

• Introduction
• Meeting
• Support

The aim was to develop a campaign to support 50 leading Rotterdam athletes and raise their profile on their way to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Due to COVID-19, the games have been postponed until 2021, which means that the campaign will continue to support these leading Rotterdam athletes on their journey to Tokyo 2021.


The first step was the development of an ‘Official Partner Box’ worth €2020. Through this box, an athlete is linked to a company and this helps generate additional support. In addition, this investment gives individual athletes the opportunity to pay for extra materials, facilities or training. Everything is focused on optimal preparation for Tokyo.
To give the athletes more exposure, we have developed and implemented a PR and content strategy. As a result, various theme meetings have been organised, a teaser video has been developed, a number of newsletters have been distributed, our content has generated a buzz on social media and the campaign has been seen on a great many bus stops in the city centre.

"The campaign shows that Rotterdam supports its athletes."
Rotterdam Topsport

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